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Because of just one corona infection: Auckland is back into lockdown

Because of just one corona infection
Auckland goes into lockdown again

New Zealand is seen as a role model in the fight against the corona virus. The city of Auckland has to go into a short-term lockdown for the second time this month. Prime Minister Ardern criticizes “frustrating” rule violations.

New Zealand’s largest city, Auckland, is in a temporary lockdown for a week. Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern announced this at a press conference after a new infection with the coronavirus was detected. According to her, the case is not related to other known cases of infection in the past two weeks. The only link between the new case of infection and other cases is a school in south Auckland, Ardern said. According to her, the lockdown will apply from 6 a.m. (local time) on Sunday morning for at least one week.

A 20-year-old person is therefore affected who had a doctor test for the coronavirus on Friday and then went to a gym to train. Ardern did not provide any further details, but the New Zealand head of government indicated a rule violation: She criticized the fact that too many people ignored the requirements for self-isolation. “It’s frustrating,” said Ardern.

As a result of the renewed lockdown, schools and public meeting places will be closed, and all sporting events will be canceled. In Auckland, people are only allowed to leave their homes to do urgent shopping or to go to work. Entry and exit from the city of 1.7 million people will be restricted. For the rest of the country, level two restrictions apply. These include, for example, contact restrictions.

Role model in the corona fight

The Prime Minister stressed that the authorities have the opportunity to hold rule breakers accountable. However, the most important goal of the authorities is that people with corona symptoms get in touch. “What we will always weigh up is: do we create an environment in which people are open and honest?” Said Ardern. “We are dealing with young people here, and we ask them to share their whole life with us. It is very important that we have a situation where people are able and willing to do that.”

With close contact tracking, New Zealand is internationally regarded as one of the role models in the fight against the corona pandemic. Since the first cases of infection occurred in the island nation, only 25 people have died in connection with Covid-19. After a three-day mini lockdown almost two weeks ago, the New Zealanders were finally allowed to come back to the stadiums in their thousands to watch rugby games without a mask or distance. At that time, a family of three was infected with the highly contagious Corona mutant from Great Britain.

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