In mid-March, two years have passed since the death of the popular singer Yulia Nachalova. The vocalist died of sepsis in 2019, she was only 38 years old. The star has a daughter, Vera Aldonina, who inherited her bright appearance and singing gift from her beautiful mother.

After the death of Yulia Nachalova, her daughter remained to live with her grandparents, but at the same time Vera often visits the family of her dad, football player Yevgeny Aldonin, where she is also very comfortable.

Recently, fourteen-year-old Vera Aldonina has been published more than once. The girl became a guest of talk shows on various television channels.

And on the eve, Vera took part in a concert at her music school. A snapshot of the girl at the time of the performance appeared on the fan account of her daughter Yulia Nachalova on Instagram.

“You are my idol and period”, – reads the inscription on the photo.

In the photo, Vera Aldonina appeared in a strict and at the same time relevant image. The girl is dressed in a nude blouse and a black midaxi skirt with a wide belt.

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Subscribers were delighted to see a new photo of the daughter of Yulia Nachalova.

“Vera! What an adult already! Happiness to you, girl! “,” Beauty, lovely “,” Believe, beautiful, clever, beautiful voice and wise beyond her years! ” – Vera Aldonina was complimented by her fans.

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