Exposure to sunlight has negative consequences for our hair. That’s why we show you a series of beautiful hairstyles that will help you protect your hair from the sun and keep looking chic.

We all know that being exposed to high climates affects the dermis, causes blemishes and promotes premature aging. But few of us know that spending a lot of time outdoors in hot temperatures promotes excessive moisture on the scalp, in addition to weakening the strands and even discoloring it.

That is why it is important that in this spring-summer time you have hairstyle ideas that allow you to take care of your hair. high temperatures while keeping up with trends. Check out these looks and choose the ones you like.

Beautiful hairstyles to protect your hair from the sun and keep looking chic

Braids and a cap to protect your hair from the sun

Caps look very chic in any look and are a perfect tool to protect your hair from the sun. If we combine it with two braids in the hair it is a perfect shape for to try out a daily hairstyle.

Low ponytail with hat

In this spring summer time, hats are in fashion. Combine them with a low ponytail and, In addition to looking sophisticated, you will be protecting your skin and hair from sunlight.


It does not matter if your hair is straight or curly, turbans are ideal to protect your hair from the sun and continue to look very chic. It is a headdress that consists of a long strip of fabric that wraps around the head, keeping the hair away from frizz and you can combine it with your outfit or any accessory.

Fisherman hats and face-framing braids

Bucket hats, also known as bucket hats, are all the rage this spring. One of the best ways to wear them to protect your hair from the sun and keep looking beautiful is accompany them with braids on the contours of the face, if possible with loose waves. You will look very chic and in keeping with the spring season.

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