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Be careful with these WhatsApp messages, they could hack you!

That’s right, it seems that this is a never-ending story, since they recently notified of new WhatsApp messages that could hack you and this is without one of the things you should be more careful about on your mobile device.

Yesterday government officials, magistrates and journalists reported having been victims of a new form of impersonation that cyber criminals They are being used to steal accounts, through WhatsApp messages.

According to the Cyber ​​Center that Dijin, cybercriminals, from an unknown contact or from a trusted one that has already been hacked, ask the user for the supposed favor of sharing a verification code that arrived by mistake on the cell phone, and at the person’s carelessness. sharing the data falls into the trap and thus they seize your account of the messaging app and your contacts.

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Now with the control of the account, they send different messages, in this case, requests for money to the contacts, and with two or three people who respond to the information they manage to commit thefts by computer means, ”explained Colonel Julián Buitrago, chief of the Cybernetic Center of Dijín.

The Police invite WhatsApp users to be extremely attentive about the information received and set off the alarms to avoid falling into the strategies of cybercriminals.

These were the recommendations they delivered:

  • Check who is sending the message, their spelling and that the topic of conversation is not out of the ordinary.
  • Be suspicious of messages that appear to be automation, such as the use of only emojis or repeated words.
  • Refrain from sharing personal information or disclosing security codes that arrive through text messages.

  • Make use of the tools offered by the platforms, such as WhatsApp’s two-step verification, which establishes a security PIN when trying to enter the account.
  • It is worth mentioning that so far this year a total of 48 people have been captured for this type of crime and the authorities make a call to report any impersonation attempt through the virtual Cai or the Adenuncia application.

And although no one can access your conversations, since all conversations are encrypted, you should know that some are looking for how to hack the application and they have succeeded.

The first thing you should do is enter to make a backup WhatsApp, also update it if you have a new version without installing.

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Then make sure to do this:

  • The first factor to know if someone has hacked you is by checking if WhatsApp Web is active on your cell phone and for this you must go to the WhatsApp Web tab on your cell phone and, in there, log out of all computers.
  • Another factor to know if you have been hacked is when WhatsApp sends you a notice informing you that your account is being used on another phone, closing yours automatically.
  • You should also check if calls or video calls have been made automatically and for this go to that section and check if any have been made without your consent.

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  • Likewise, one more clue is when WhatsApp sends you a message about your security code and if it has, it means that another person is trying to access your messages.
  • Finally, the most important, you must see if the messages that you still do not see from your friends are automatically double checked.

It should be mentioned that the most advisable thing is uninstall WhatsApp on your cell phone and again install it and paste the security code, because in this way you will log out of other devices that are not yours or belong to strangers.

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