BCS Governor vetoes Revenue and Budget Law

LA PAZ, BCS.- The governor of Baja California Sur, Carlos Mendoza Davis, vetoed the Income Law and expenditure budget for the state, considering that what was approved by the state Congress “goes against the interests of the Southern Californians.”

“The veto corresponds to a conviction, public policy decisions must respond to a social need, never to an electoral interest,” he stated.

He reported that what was approved by Congress prevents -he argued- to continue with the operation of social programsAmong them, he exhibited related to health, education and public safety.

He considered that without studies or analysis to justify it, Congress cut chapter 3000 of the budget by 60 percent, relative to the general services of the branches of the Executive Power.

“This irrational reduction, which was carried out without the slightest effort of analysis, study or investigation, impacts essential concepts for the attention of the population through the proper functioning of the dependencies of the state administration,” he stressed.

He stressed that with the budget reduction affects the payment of electric power service, potable water, telephone or internet service, leases, training, transportation expenses for high-performance athletes and coaches.

“In sum, the claim of the deputies implies reducing the state public administration approximately 400 million pesos that would limit, among others, the provision of health services, maintenance of public safety, and the maintenance of education in our entity ”, He expressed.

Therefore, he said that based on the local Constitution, as the current budget is not published, the amount approved and published last year will be applied.

At the beginning of December last year, the BCS Congress approved the State Revenue Law for Fiscal Year 2021, with a projection of capturing 17,240 million 655 thousand 604 pesos; meanwhile, for the Expenditure Budget 2021 the same amount was authorized.

Regarding the veto reported by the governor, Deputy Esteban Ojeda Ramírez, president of the Education Commission, rejected the president’s remarks and assured that no cuts were made in education, safety or health.

“The governor is untrue. The State Congress in the Exit Law 2021 It did not make cuts to Education, Safety and Health, it only cut the bulky budget for the dissemination of the Governor’s image, plane tickets, executive office expenses, vehicle rental, and lavish and unnecessary expenses. The budget was redirected to social spending, education and public works ”, he assured.

For his part, the president of the Permanent Delegation, Homero González Medrado, accused that last year the state government failed to comply with the works of the economic annex.

“The modified budget for 900 million pesos was not approved, the presentation of the public account did not comply well. Now it intends to exclude paving works and water networks for CSL colonies (Cabo San Lucas). A true disaster of the classist and discriminatory budget position of his government. In due course, Congress will have to attend to what corresponds in law ”, he specified.

Last year, the BCS Congress and the governor had a confrontation, with public accusations and accusations derived from a conflict that originated within the Congress over the integration of the commissions and the board of directors. The Congress, with a Morenoist majority, accused the president of “interference” and of supporting a group of local opposition legislators, in turn, Mendoza Davis, indicated a lack of certainty, which is why he stopped the publication of decrees and laws.


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