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Barcelona remains in the middle of its awakening, sunk in impotence

BARCELONA – After fifty years, history is on the way to repeating itself. In 1971, on the last day of the League, Barcelona and Atlético de Madrid faced each other at the Calderón and thanks to the defeat of Valencia in Sarrià they played the title face to face: the winner took the prize … And they tied. This Saturday, Real Madrid won at the Camp Nou, contemplating how Barça did not know and Atlético could not. Draw and everything in the hands of the merengue team.

The Barcelona that turned the second half of the championship into a desperate hunt, in a wild awakening that took advantage of thanks to the collapse of Atlético, left half the league on the day of truth. If the defeat, unthinkable and dramatic, against Granada puzzled him, he still had one last bullet in the face to face with the leader, knowing that he should depend on Real Madrid but convinced, or so it was expected, that his victory against the Leader would give him enough push to win the ultimate prize.

Nothing. The nothing. If there was a team at the Camp Nou that showed ambition, determination and desire to win the game on its own merits, by going to look for that much-needed victory, that was Atlético, which sometimes treated a dwarfed Barça like a fighter , without anger, without arrests to show muscle and show that he is something more than Messi.

Because Barça was less than Lionel Messi. It was so less that as soon as Sergio Busquets, shocked after a blow with Savic, had to leave the field after half an hour, the team was diluted in depression and only had eyes so that it was the captain who starred in the umpteenth miracle. Grabbing at 10, nothing else seemed to exist. And that was, as was feared and as has happened so many times, the worst Barça sin.

The League escapes to Barça, if there is not a miracle, and two weeks after the end of the season all doubts around him are reborn. Ronald Koeman, suddenly, is in question because his team did not offer the powerful image that was supposed to him and because, probably, he did not have enough agility to surpass Simeone on the board.

Atlético lacked a bit of luck, of success in front of goal the afternoon that Luis Suarez returned home and could take the lunge and is also in the hands of Sevilla FC, begging for the Andalusian team to be able to stop a Madrid so tired of legs as awake of mind with a stroke. They have given him oxygen … Definitively or not, it will be seen from tomorrow.

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