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Barcelona plays another cartridge against Levante, forced to win and wait

BARCELONA – The League with the most aspirants and the most disputed in recent years begins its final sprint this week with a day that will be divided between Tuesday and Thursday and that could have up to three different leaders in a new cataract of emotions that remains Against all odds for about a month.

Barça is played this Tuesday in Valencia, against Levante, another almost unthinkable cartridge after their draw on Saturday against Atlético. Madrid’s stumble, which minimized damage with a last-minute goal against Sevilla, recovered his spirits at the Camp Nou and offered him a new opportunity to stay alive. Without depending on himself … But almost at this point that is the least of it.

To the collapse suffered by Atlético, Barça responded with an imposing ride … Until at the moment of truth it fatally yielded its drive and saw, incredulous, how Real Madrid, with everything in its favor, was not able to take advantage either. Between one and the other, it would be said that they have taken the determination to maintain until the last day a doubt that at the Camp Nou is received with a mixture of relief and concern.

Match by match is already converted from victory to victory. And that taking into account that the champion, whoever he is, will be the one with the fewest points at the end of the competition for more than a decade. If Atlético de Madrid succeeds, adding the 9 in dispute, it will reach 86 points, if Barcelona or Real Madrid did it, they would stay at 84. And looking back, it is contemplated that in the 2007-08 season the champion was Real Madrid with 85 points and that a year before, in the 2006-07 academic year, the same merengue team sang the alirón with … 76.

Since the emergence of the best Barça in history, led by Guardiola, the League champion exceeded 90 points (twice reaching 100) between 2010 and 2018. Each draw was a step back and each defeat a major disaster. Far behind were titles adding less than 80 points and it would be necessary to go back in time to the 1999-2000 season to find a champion, Deportivo de La Coruña, reaching only 69 that today is understood unthinkable.

The scoring ability of Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo and the soccer dictatorship of Barça and Real Madrid has been a constant in the last dozen years. Barça won 8 titles to 3 from Real Madrid and one, in 2014, Atlético with a minimum of 87 points for the champion who is now unattainable but has returned a passion sometimes forgotten no matter how many people insist on subtracting merits at the level of the League, dwarfing some rivals who have been able to break that absolute power of the day to day.


In these conditions, the final outcome is reached and now, without excuses, with the need to add the plenary session to aspire to win the trophy. Barça does it from the start this Tuesday in Valencia and faced a virtually saved Levante, who defeated them in two of their last three visits but against whom Koeman’s team cannot fail anymore.

A victory, necessary, would allow him to sleep as leader at least until Atlético receives Real Sociedad on Wednesday and awaiting Real Madrid’s visit to Granada on Thursday, playing with that pressure that Johan enjoyed so much in his time Cruyff but that doesn’t seem to occupy Ronald Koeman as much.

Perhaps it is because contemplating so many errors in recent weeks and remembering the problems that the team suffered in the first half of the season, the least thing is to pressure any rival and more importantly, almost the only thing, to fulfill one’s own need.

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