BARCELONA – After the tightest victory in recent times, after an uncomfortable night as he could not have suspected, Barcelona achieved the impossible. Unthinkable when he closed the first round ten points behind Atlético Madrid, even with one more game in mid-January, the Barça comeback, supported by the mattress collapse, placed him this Monday, with nine games to play, just one point behind team of Simeone and depending on himself to conquer the League. Atlético, Barça and Real Madrid will play the title (it is understood a utopia that Sevilla could host options) with the first two without having to look at anyone else, it is enough to ensure their results to be champions while the team of Zidane, who will host Barcelona in Valdebebas on Saturday, would still need, in addition to winning their matches, at least one defeat for the rojiblancos, considering that the goal average between the two is favorable.

The last ten games, since the beginning of February, are the ones that turned the rankings around. The month of January closed with Atlético de Madrid winning in Cádiz (2-4) and, with one game less, leading by ten points to Barcelona (they beat Athletic 2-1) and Real Madrid (defeated by Levante 1- 2 in Valdebebas). From there, the mattress collapse was, is, a reality, mixed with the regularity of merengue and, above all, the Barcelona take-off.

Atlético has added 16 of its last 30 points, with four wins, four draws and two losses, while Real Madrid added 23 out of 27 points thanks to seven wins and two draws and Barcelona, ​​shot up, reached 25 out of 27, winning eight matches and only tying one, at the Camp Nou against Cádiz. All this, until the victory this Monday against Valladolid, in a superb streak of 19 games (a full round) without knowing the defeat and yielding only three draws (Valencia, Eibar and Cádiz) to add 51 of the last 57 points you have disputed.

In this same space, taking into account the days interposed for postponements, Atlético added 40 points

Thus, La Liga, which in mid-January was understood as rojiblanca, enters its final stretch, in the last nine dates, with an equality not suspected three months ago and with a Classic on the horizon, on Saturday, which ventures if not decisive yes transcendental in the fight for the championship.