Barbosa orders 14-day closure due to maximum Covid alert

Now public transport -including ROUTE- and commercial runs are restricted from 8:30 p.m. to 5:30 a.m. the next day

The government of the state of Puebla decreed a closing all non-essential activities in the entity from December 29 to January 11, ante la “maximum alert”Due to the growth of infections of Covid.

At a press conference, the governor Miguel Barbosa Huerta regretted that during this holiday period the rules and there would be an uncontrolled behavior of the population, including establishments, shopping centers and the street trade.

“This could not be controlled, the quota percentages in businesses were not adequately observed, the mobility it is overwhelmed, street commerce is allowed and even overlaps ”, he denounced when asking for the collaboration of the 217 municipalities.

He anticipated that if these measures are not taken, in January there will be a “very strong” collapse of the health system.

The Puebla Health Secretariat revealed that 888 patients were admitted to hospital in the 28 days to December.

Since the pandemic began last March until this December 28, the report of positive cases amounts to 47 1,651 people and 5,897 deaths. Currently 1,253 are active cases, which are distributed in 70 municipalities.

New closure to economic activities

Ana Lucia Hill Mayoral, General Coordinator of Civil Protection in Puebla, detailed this Monday that the decision was made after locating that four of the six regions of the epidemiological traffic light in the state show an upward trend in contagions.

He explained that with this agreement, the activities of the food industry are initially suspended for 14 days. building, while in supermarkets and shops Only one person per family will be allowed access.

Religious activities, in gyms and sports clubs, are also suspended.

“Only those companies with essential activity and that contribute to society will be able to continue operating with 20 percent of the capacity ”.

Only sectors can work at 100 percent of their capacity doctors, of supply and supply, of public security, conservation and critical infrastructure, as well as e-commerce and messaging.

The Automotive industry as it is considered essential, it will remain in operation.

In the restaurants There will be no table service and only the sale of food at home or by car will be allowed, until 11 pm.

Likewise, the runs of public transport –Including the three lines of ROUTE- and commercial lines from 8:30 pm to 5:30 am the next day.

This measure includes mercantile taxis and the application ones like Uber, Didi o Cabify, unless they give service to emergencies. In case of incurring a fault the users and passengers will be creditors of a sanction.

There will be operational breathalyzer

In addition, the operations of breathalyserTherefore, there will be sanctions for users and operators who violate the decree that will be published in the following hours.

On the other hand, the official asked the municipalities to prohibit tianguis and the placement of traveling from tomorrow Tuesday.

At the same time, he called on vacationers to take shelter for 14 days.

Five Christmas events canceled

On the other hand, the Secretary of Public Security, Raciel López Salazar, announced that in the recent Christmas celebrations 18 recommendations were carried out in private parties and five public mass events were canceledincluding the closure of a bar.

He also said that the work of the State Cyber ​​Police to detect massive events, in order to accompany the General Coordination of State Civil Protection to enforce the guidelines without violating the human rights of the attendees.

Barbosa said that following the rules is a matter of conviction and social responsibility, so he ruled out more severe penalties for those who do not comply with them. “We cannot act defiantly,” he concluded.

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