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Baltasar Revolut: a Spanish electrician for the circuit and the street

The Spanish automotive industry already has a new representative in the electricity segment: the Baltasar Revolut It is a zero-emission sports car designed both to enter the circuit and to circulate on the street.

However, despite being registrable, due to its characteristics it may not be advisable to do so and it is best to focus on closed paths.

It is a model with a very low height (88 cm, 111 with the necessary roll bar for FIA homologation) and it does not have the windshield, so it is advisable to wear glasses as a minimum. It is built on a tubular chassis and elements such as the carbon fiber from which the body is made (as well as the interior panels or the two bucket seats) allows it to reach a weight of only 770 kilos.

In fact, much of this is due to its electric propulsion system. It uses two motors associated with the rear axle that develop 500 CV of power and 1,000 Nm of maximum torque, enough to launch you from 0 to 100 km / h in less than 2.5 seconds. It equips batteries with an unannounced capacity, but weighing 250 kilos, which give it a autonomy of 482 kilometers on the street or 40 minutes in circuit. Its 700-volt electrical system allows fast charges to add 100 kilometers of range in five minutes.

Other interesting details are the removable racing wheel, the six-point harnesses for driver and co-driver, the adjustable damping, the adjustable stabilizer bars, etc.

The Baltasar Revolut has already opened its orders, by means of a reserve of 1,000 euros, with a price of 230.000 euros before taxes. The first units are not expected to be delivered until second half of 2022.

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