Bahamas private island Little Ragged Island will be auctioned

Wif he dreams of his own Caribbean island, he can now bid for one – the target price is, however, generous at 19.5 million dollars (a good 16 million euros). It’s about Little Ragged Island, also called St. Andrew’s, which is part of the Bahamas.

The American auction house Concierge Auctions, which specializes in luxury real estate, plans to auction them from March 26th. The undeveloped island is said to be around 295 hectares in size, surrounded by azure blue sea and lined with pristine sandy beaches, with rolling hills and guaiac trees.

According to the auction house, the island can serve as “a picturesque private housing estate, the crown jewel of a tropical property with miles of private beaches for strolling, or a boutique resort with more than enough space to create an entire 18-hole golf course”.

Private virtual tours of Little Ragged Island – which is located at the southern end of an island chain, around 220 kilometers north of Cuba – could be arranged.

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