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Back to “going out” clothes, but comfortable

After a year (or much longer in some countries), many people have to go back to their old life, if we talk about fashion. But it doesn’t come back as such, at all.

Luz Lancheros, MWN

On the catwalks of various fashion houses, in recent seasons, although we saw streetwear, we saw the stubbornness with which many designers do not let wear occasions die. Back to “going out” clothes, but comfortable

Schiaparelli, Versace, Balmain, Valentino, among other firms, showed that at some point we would return to normal and this would bring with it all that lavishness that we missed for a long time.

On the other hand, according to the report by Lyst – the world’s largest fashion search engine – “The Lyst Index”, showed that heels and dresses rise as search categories by up to 222%.

Back to “going out” clothes, but comfortable

This, with items like the Devon mules from The Attico or the tank dress from Nensi Dojaka. Also, Hermès bags have been demanded by 430% (on resale).

It also happened with the red headbands (thanks to Amanda Gorman), although the demand for sportswear and training has not decreased.

But how are these two worlds going to coexist? WGSN trend expert Catalina Marín gives us some insights on this.


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What will professional clothing be like? From the luxurious bralettes and loungewear we have seen, as well as the leggings, it will be difficult to detach. So there will be a balance, says the expert.

“As people return to their office work routines, the search for a balance between the casualization of tailoring and the elegance of leisurewear emerges.”

“A more flexible approach towards telecommuting / professional clothing is going to be maintained. This, because many companies are making their policies more flexible or are going to allow their employees to permanently work remotely. “

Back to “going out” clothes, but comfortable

“And although there will be a demand for structured silhouettes that were relegated in recent months, commercially the look of #ocioytrabajo, more flexible and versatile, will continue to grow after the pandemic,” explains Marín.

“As people return to their office work routines, the search for a balance between the casualization of tailoring and the elegance of leisurewear emerges.”

Catalina Marín, trend expert at WGSN


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Going back to “wrapping” in metal underwire underwear, or putting on heels, is uncomfortable for many people again. Even because they lost practice.

But others do want to do it again, without this costing them blisters or discomfort again. This, by the fact of recovering their normality and reaffirming their individuality. Yes, lavishness is needed after such a dark year.

In this regard, Catalina explains the following: “In countries where vaccination is advancing, and where there is a context of better conditions, we see that there is a growing sense of optimism and hope about the future.”

“For this reason, people look for products and experiences that take them out of the routines they lived in the last year.”

“This implies a demand for products such as shirts, dresses, enhancement garments and shiny finishes.”

Fashion will not abandon conquered comfort and this should be a requirement, from the fiber, the fabric, the silhouettes … Comfort will be prevailing in all categories ”, he affirms.


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Although people are already looking for “clothes to go out”, there are other products that are still in demand and that are comfortable. This, in different products.

Catalina Marín shows this with the shirts: “These stagnated in sales and have started to pick up again. We see a saturation of certain pieces such as sweatshirts. “

“And yet, we’ll see how sporty performance details will be key design details on the pants. This demand for comfort not only has to do with the flexibility of work, it also has to do with the new urban routes and the dynamics of displacement. “

“So the modular and multifunctional design will be critical,” he explains.


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What will retailers offer us when many more countries are back to normal? Things may not change much on catwalks, but in retailers, these interpretations will vary (that is, you will wear something more accessible and refined than what you have seen this season and you will see in the next). And this is what will be seen a lot, according to consumer demands, according to the expert: “Alternative rest silhouettes renew collections focused on comfort and pleasure. They will work equally well in and out of the home – from multi-purpose bodysuits that can be worn alone or in layers to summer sports outfits and matching knit outfits. The narrative around knitwear continues with a carefree sensuality, as this style will work particularly well for the younger segment of the market. ”

Back to “going out” clothes, but comfortable

“And they also go for sporty sleeveless styles, crop tops and knitted mini skirts. It is about offering bolder options that provide a note of novelty, ”he says.

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