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Baby, you’re into space: filming a new project can send Svetlana Khodchenkova under the surgeon’s knife

Few roles are worth such serious decisions, but the film, for which the actress goes through a multi-stage selection, is certainly worth even surgery.

Svetlana Khodchenkova, like no one else, is accustomed to all kinds of tests. The actress has almost a hundred films and TV series on her account, but even such eminent artists like her have to go through a casting every time. But the picture, the shooting of which is scheduled for October this year, is clearly worth all the effort. If its production does take place, it will probably not be so important how intriguing the plot turns out and how well the actors play. It is important that it will be a film, a film shot in space.

The working title of the film – “Challenge” – did not arise in vain. Everything related to the creation of this film is fraught with constant difficulties. Considering that not all professionals who have undergone many years of training can be awarded the honor of flying into space, it is almost impossible to imagine newcomers in these difficult conditions. But in order to test themselves and become, perhaps, the first actress to visit the ISS, Svetlana Khodchenkova, Olga Kuzmina, Anna Vasilyeva and about twenty other applicants went to the casting.

They were about to have the most difficult competition in their life. It’s not enough just to be talented, you need to have good health, quickly respond to dangerous situations and go through psychological experiments that will demonstrate fitness for flight. According to Alexei Trotsyuk, general producer of the Yellow, Black and White studio involved in the project, they are looking for “not just an actress” – they need a real wonder woman.

Insiders report that after the acting tests, the favorite clearly stood out. Svetlana Khodchenkova conquered the team with her reading of Tatiana’s Letter, which, as it turned out, became the main selection criterion. But on the way to the stars, her physical indicators stopped her: and although fans regularly praise the actress for her amazing shape, she was not enough to qualify for a cosmic role.

It turned out that the doctors sent Khodchenkova for an operation. Most likely, ENT organs are subject to intervention. It is they who in most cases react to overloads and can cause excruciating pain in space if the problem is not solved in time. As experts explain, Svetlana can remove tonsils or adenoids. If the actress also has sinusitis, it will also have to be cured – on Earth it can be dealt with relatively easily, but in orbit it will become a terrible punishment.

If this issue is resolved, Khodchenkova will be sent to even more difficult tests, which all cosmonauts undergo. But she will not pass this obstacle course alone: ​​at least the director of the film Klim Shipenko and the understudy, whose name has not yet been disclosed, will go into orbit with it. But if Khodchenkova nevertheless cope with all the difficulties, this role will become stellar for her – in the literal and figurative sense.

Used materials: Moskovsky Komsomolets

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