Baarack: Wild sheep in Australia freed from 35 kilograms of wool

Panorama “Incredibly brave”

35 kilograms of wool – Baarack sheep rescued in Australia

Merino sheep Baarack is freed from 35 kilos of wool

His rescuers are amazed when they see sheep “Baraack”, as they call it, in the wild. The merino sheep carries around 35 kilograms of wool. The recordings of his shearing show how urgently it was needed.

After years in the wild, a sheep in Australia could hardly see anything through its huge woolen fur. Rescuers have now sheared it and freed it from 35 kilograms of load. The pictures of his transformation show how urgently it was needed.

JFor years a sheep wandered alone through the wilderness in Australia. When it was discovered in a forest, the rescuers were certainly amazed: the merino sheep was carrying a huge woolen fur weighing 35 kilograms. Now the animal was shorn for the first time in a long time – and has hardly been recognizable since then.

Kyle Behrend of Edgar’s Mission Farm Sanctuary told Reuters that someone spotted the sheep in a nearby forest and called for help.

The rescuers named the animal Baarack. Behrend assumes that Baarack had heard of someone before – “he was once provided with ear tags, but these seem to have been torn out by the thick, matted fleece around his face”.

After his shearing, Baarack is much lighter

After his shearing, Baarack is much lighter


“Sheep have to be sheared at least once a year, otherwise the fleece will keep growing and growing, as happened here,” says Behrend. Baarack’s shorn fleece weighed 35.4 kilograms.

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It was certainly a great relief for the sheep: Although his hooves were in excellent condition, “he was underweight and could hardly see anything because of all the wool around his face,” said Behrend. Baarack has now settled in with other rescued sheep in the rescue station. “All of this shows what incredibly tough and courageous animals sheep really are.”

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