Axel Kicillof: “The decision at the moment is to put …

The season is running, but there has been a very accelerated growth in cases of contagion “, said the governor of the province of Buenos Aires, Axel Kicillof, after meeting with the mayors of the province of Buenos Aires for the concern generated by the increase in covid cases this summer. What everyone was waiting for was to know what measures he had decided to take regarding the increase in those infected and killed by coronavirus. The answer was clear: this week, the appeal is to social responsibility: return to social distancing, the use of masks, hand washing, meetings in open spaces. If that does not work – the term that the governor gives the population is one week – Kicillof has already said, although it is unpleasant, that “in the first days of next week” they will be forced to take measures stronger.

We are in 3,000 cases a day and the growth is worrying. We attribute them to circulation of people and the contact between them. If we want to change the situation we have to reduce circulation until the vaccine has immunized a greater percentage of the population “, said.

And he recognized that there is no master plan that is being hidden. “Whoever tells you how this continues, lies”, admitted. AND added that “What we have resolved is put more emphasis on compliance with all care measures because it is the only way to avoid contagions for now: reduce contacts. AND our main objective is to sustain production as long as health is not put at risk. “

The governor also spoke of strengthen controls and asked the population what vre-implement “the measures you already know.”

The measures we already know

The governor made a reminder of what has been done ad nauseam: avoid meetings in closed places, wash hands frequently, wear a mask, return to distancing. “Everything is much easier with the collaboration of society,” he said.

And announced that when I’m done the week they will know, by the level of contagion, how things continue. “We are going to have a meeting with City and Nation and from that point on, if a decision needs to be made, we will announce it in the first days of next week. with the consent of the national government, “he said.

The minister in the use of the word was preceded by the Buenos Aires minister of health, Daniel Gollan; the Chief of Staff, Carlos Bianco and the Minister of Security of the province, Sergio Berni.

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