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Axel Kicillof spoke of the difficulties in distributing vaccines: “We can have dramatic moments”

Axel Kicillof spoke about the vaccination campaign against the coronavirus in Buenos Aires

After the arrival of Sputnik V against the coronavirus, the governor of the province of Buenos Aires, Axel Kicillof, referred to the vaccination campaign that his administration is preparing and announced that during the operations there may be “dramatic moments” Because it is a dose “that acts at minus 18 degrees and that when you take it out (from that temperature) you have some time to apply it” because after a period of time it no longer works.

“For me, the vaccine is a glass of water in the desert. Finally, science – and in record time – gives an answer to this problem that we have, which is the virus that is winning us over. As of Tuesday, in Argentina we are going to fight him ”, highlighted the Buenos Aires president.

When participating in the program Hagan algo, which journalist Iván Schargrodsky conducts on the C5N screen, the former Minister of Economy pointed out the difficulties that may arise due to the fact that it is a task “that was never done” and “which is the largest of the history”.

“In the province we are designing a very ambitious, very complex operation, which may have, due to logistics, demand or supply, dramatic moments in regards to what it is to distribute today a vaccine that acts at minus 18 degrees and that when you take it out you have time to apply it “Kicillof warned.

The province of Buenos Aires received 123 thousand doses of the Russian vaccine (REUTERS / Sergey Pivovarov)
The province of Buenos Aires received 123 thousand doses of the Russian vaccine (REUTERS / Sergey Pivovarov)

On this point, the governor stressed the importance of the different actors participating in the campaign being “very synchronized”, although he clarified that “if the cold chain is cut, it is not that it hurts, but that it does nothing, it is like injecting something safe ”.

“I believe that for a vast majority, among whom I find myself, as a person, as a citizen, as a father, as a human being, that the vaccine has arrived is part of an epic. Not Kirchnerism, the government or Alberto (Fernández), is part of an epic that in such a short time an answer has appeared ”, he said.

On the other hand, he also questioned a sector of the opposition that “says they do not like” Sputnik V “as if it were anything”, when the pandemic is “a serious, serious issue that has taken the lives of millions of people in the world, which is putting the economy in check ”.

“Vaccination is not an individual act because if the virus circulates intensely, this begins to reach people at risk. For this reason, people who irresponsibly do not take care of themselves is not just their problem, that is why it is a public health issue, “he added.

The Buenos Aires governor defended the effectiveness of Sputnik V
The Buenos Aires governor defended the effectiveness of Sputnik V

Along these lines, Kicillof assured that he is “going to be vaccinated” because he was doing tours “in the intensive therapies” of some Buenos Aires hospitals and asked to end what he considered to be “A very intense campaign to discredit and generate uncertainty” on the doses that arrived in Argentina from Russia.

“Sometimes it is a directly anti-vaccine campaign. If we hadn’t brought the vaccine, they would have screamed. We brought the vaccine, they don’t like the one we brought. Social networks are full of that, because there are trolls and there are the leaders of macrismo, all working in that direction. That has to be cut “, critical.

Finally, the provincial president ratified that in his district the campaign to apply this injection will begin “on Tuesday with the health personnel” and specified that an online site is already available so that anyone interested can register, but the same “It is not to take an appointment, because the dates have not yet been defined, nor to give consent”, but “it is only to receive information.”

“We have opened a website and on January 2 we will have a mobile app where you will be able to register. Almost 300 thousand people have already registered on the page In three days, without diffusion, we had an explosion in the registrations ”, he closed.

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