Axel Kicillof on the start of vaccination: “Ho …

“When we got vaccinated we were all very excited. I think today marks the beginning of a new stage“, highlighted in La Plata the Buenos Aires governor, Axel Kicillof, minutes after receiving Sputnik V vaccine, starting the campaign to confront the disease. “The largest vaccination campaign in the history of the province of Buenos Aires began in the morning. It is the vaccine that marks a true triumph, a scientific revolution,” the official added enthusiastically after showing his vaccination card. To the joy for the achievement, the provincial president added a message to the population: “Today is the day the cure begins, but this did not end and we will probably be vaccinating for half a year. “, he said. In that sense, he thought that” getting vaccinated is an act of love “and said himself was quickly inoculated “for express confidence in ANMAT. For me and my family it is a holy word, “he said.

A first step

“This was a first step, it is a first batch that has to come to the province, because First let’s start with immunize to the health workers. I want to clarify that I was not the first to receive the vaccine, doctors and intensivist staff received it before. It’s the beginning of the end of the pandemic“, assured Kicillof, who was vaccinated at the San Martín Hospital in the Buenos Aires capital.” The vaccines will reach, but for now they are intended for those who give their lives due to the pandemic. We are going to have an ebb in January when four million more vaccines arrive for the entire country, “explained the governor, reporting the first steps of the health campaign.

You have to literally put your shoulder to the pandemic“He jokingly pointed out that”with my vaccination, in addition to taking care of myself on the trips through the neighborhoods and closeness to people also contributes to my point of view, which is my absolute confidence in this vaccine, and in all as soon as the ANMAT approves“, said the official to dispel the Doubts generated from the criticisms of a part of the opposition to Sputnik V for its Russian origin.

“I want to tell you that a good part of the drugs we take have their basic components that come from India, China, Pakistan. I never cared because it is approved by ANMAT,” he continued to reinforce his approval of the vaccine, adding that ” they can apply without fear because they have the corresponding approvals. “

Risks continue

“I have to say that today is a a day of joy that in the midst of so much misfortune, where a road to cure, towards the immunization of the population, “said the governor with optimism, although warned what “The numbers of infections that are higher arrived, I also have several close people who have coronavirus again. Know that I’m still wearing a chinstrap and then I’ll have to give myself the second dose, but you still have to continue with the care“.

Contagions increased, they are growing quite strong. It is not a second wave, but if the level of infections is advancing and it is happening as at the beginning, first it begins in the city, then it follows the AMBA, “said Kicillof with the new epidemiological data that alerted the specialists.” It is a day full of hope to continue fighting the virus. Now with a very powerful instrument to combat it. But also there is add prudence and conscience because this did not end “, warning the population.

Giving yourself the vaccine is an act of solidarity. Every time what aor whats from Buenos Airess produces antibodies not only takes care of himself, but also takes care of others. It is an act of love, we are taking care of those who are next to us, in particular the population at risk “, assured Kicillof and recalled that the government opened” a web page called Get vaccinated Buenos Aires, where they can register. Not to receive the shift, but to register to receive information on the campaign, on how the epidemiological situation is, and then later it will be to assign the shifts to the general population. “

“We are going for collective immunity which is the end of the pandemic. We are going to live with contagions. We must continue to take care of ourselves and accompany this vaccination campaign that is free, public and voluntary,” he stressed at the end of his intervention.

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