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Authorities confirm: death after Covid vaccination in Switzerland

Authorities confirm
Death after Covid vaccination in Switzerland

In Switzerland, a person died after being vaccinated against the coronavirus. “We are aware of the case,” said a spokeswoman for the health department of the canton of Lucerne on Wednesday to the Reuters news agency.


(Photo: REUTERS)

The authorities reported to the Swiss Agency for Therapeutic Products, Swissmedic, which is responsible for the approval of vaccines. The spokeswoman gave no further details. She did not provide any information on whether the death was related to the vaccination.

So far, only Pfizer and BioNTech vaccinations have been approved in the country. On the occasion of the approval, Swissmedic wrote on December 19 that the most common side effects documented in the approval studies were comparable to those after a flu vaccination. Swissmedic would closely monitor the safety of the vaccine and take action should safety signals occur, it was said at the time.

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