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Austria: mother and child shot in car – news abroad

Wien – Terrible find on Sunday morning in a forest near Mistelbach (Lower Austria)!

A hunter discovered the bodies of a mother (25) and her child in a parked car. As the “Kronenzeitung” reports, the two were apparently shot. The child is said to have been “barely older than five years”.

A car is behind trees at the crime scene.  Here mother and son were found shot dead

A car is behind trees at the crime scenePhoto: Roland Schlager / dpa

Police surrounded the house – operation is ongoing

As the newspaper further reports, the woman killed should not be the owner of the vehicle. The owner is currently being sought.

In the afternoon, the Cobra unit of the Austrian police surrounded the house of a suspect, according to “Krone”, and an armored car is said to have been used. However, no contact could be made with the suspect there.

︎►Suddenly, a signal from the wanted person’s cell phone was registered when he dialed into the network in Horn in Lower Austria (approx. 6500 inhabitants). As a result, the mission was moved in the direction of Horn.

According to “Krone”, the suspect is said to be the ex-partner of the dead woman. The 60-year-old, allegedly also a hunter, is also said to be the father of the dead child. The couple is said to have only recently separated.

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