Australia: Torn into the vortex – two dead while hiking in the gorge

In Australia, two women died on a trip to the mountains. Police from the state of New South Wales said they were both pulled into a vortex of the Wollangambe River in the Blue Mountains west of Sydney on Saturday afternoon.

Accordingly, the rescue workers were alerted Saturday afternoon. A group of ten had set out to hike through gorges. Near the village of Mount Wilson, the women were pulled into the water and disappeared.

One of the women fell from her air mattress into the water when she got into a vortex. A second woman tried to help her – and was also dragged into the vortex. Both women have not appeared again, reported in Australian media. It was only around 24 hours after the incident that divers were able to recover the bodies.

“Loss for the whole community”

One of the dead is a 39-year-old policewoman. Police said it was “a very sad time” for all police officers in New South Wales.

The death of the woman is a “loss for the entire community”. The fact that she died trying to help another proves her ability “to put the welfare of others above her own”.

The 24-year-old is first reported to be an international student who lived in a suburb of Sydney. A senior police officer spoke of the accident on the ABC station of a “tragedy for both families”.

According to the police, an autopsy of the 24-year-old is still pending. The other members of the group were therefore unharmed.

According to ABC, the place where the accident happened is actually considered safe among locals. However, it has rained a lot lately, so the level of the river has risen. However, it is unclear whether something has to do with the death of women.

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