Australia: Naked in a tree – fishermen save man from crocodiles

Panorama Threatened by crocodiles

Australian fishermen rescue naked man from tree

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Two Australian fishermen discovered a naked man in a tree in crocodile-infested waters. They later learned: The 40-year-old was apparently on the run – and should actually have been wearing an ankle cuff.

EThey first freed him – then he was arrested: Two Australian fishermen discovered a fugitive who was sitting naked in a tree.

One of the fishermen, Cam Faust, said they heard the man call for help when they set up crab traps between mangroves near the town of Darwin on Sunday.

The 40-year-old was full of mud and had insect bites and cuts all over his body. He claimed he got lost and survived for four days by eating snails. According to Faust, the branch he was sitting on was only three feet above the water in which crocodiles were swimming.

Where are the clothes? The answer was startling

He had to use his clothes for various things, the man told the fishermen, which they said they found strange. According to the British Guardian, their suspicion was that the man had gone astray after a drinking spree. They took the severely dehydrated 40-year-old on board, took him ashore and to a hospital.

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In order to cover the man’s nakedness, Cam Faust also undressed and gave the foundling his shorts and a beer: “He just looked as if he needed a beer, even though he was bad,” the paper quoted him as saying .

The police later announced that the man named Luke V. was a criminal. He was charged with armed robbery but was released on bail. Last week he removed his electronic ankle bracelet in order to escape. The case received extensive coverage in the Australian media.

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