Australia: Huge spider triggers panic attack in a car driver

Mother removes horror spider from car and is surprised by hundreds of babies

Huntsman Spider in Australien.

Giant crab spider frightens Australian woman while driving a car (symbol image)

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A horror scenario while driving: a large family of spiders crawls through the vehicle and frightens the driver. This is exactly what happened to a woman in Australia.

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A mother from Adelaide, Australia suddenly spotted a giant spider on the dashboard of her car at the end of the year. She is the woman, so Emma removed the animal. Only a few days later the even bigger surprise during the journey: Hundreds of baby spiders had hatched and suddenly made themselves felt.

Even with the big spider, Emma had to be very brave. First she tried to remove the spider with her shoe. “I tried to get it out while looking through the windshield to create a barrier, but it cracked and landed on the glove box,” Emma told the Daily Mail. After all, she crushed the spider and didn’t know if it was dead. So she had to quickly remove the animal from the car with handkerchiefs. But that did not solve the problem.

Australia: Baby spiders cause panic attacks

A few days later Emma was out on the Autobahn with her children of all people. The five-year-old son and two daughters (10, 12) were on board. Suddenly the baby spiders appeared. “My eldest freaked out when she saw a baby in the front seat, the other two in the back turned into statues,” Emma told the Daily Mail.

Emma got herself an insect killer immediately and sprayed her entire car with it. As if hundreds of spiders weren’t terrible enough, they’d also left a huge cobweb. Emma went to do some things with her children. When they returned the spiders were dead. The brave mother removed all the spiders and the web. But her son didn’t want to get in the car at first. “He wasn’t really happy. He said, ‘No! That’s the spider car!'” Emma recalled. But when the children saw that the mother had done a good job and everything was perfectly clean, they had still been able to bring themselves to go along.

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