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Australia: Father and ten year old son rescued from the outback

Three adults ran around 50 kilometers in the Australian outback to get help for a ten-year-old boy and his father. The group had previously gotten stuck. According to the rescue workers, the two people left behind were found by a rescue helicopter.

The vehicle got stuck near Mount Isa in Queensland due to flooding on Sunday. After spending a night in the car, three members of the group set out on foot to the nearest police station.

Found unharmed on the roof of the car

For the walk they needed twelve hours, as the rescue center announced. The group could have shown the location of the vehicle on a map, whereupon a helicopter made its way there. The rescuers found those left behind unharmed on the roof of their car.

In Australia, the “La Niña” weather phenomenon is currently causing heavier rainfall than usual. In many places, this increases the risk of flash floods.

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