Australia: campers find foot of millionaire Melissa Caddick on the beach – News abroad

Horror find on an Australian dream beach!

Last weekend, campers found the remains of a human foot in a sports shoe on Bournda Beach (around 400 km south of Sydney). As it now turned out, the find is related to a spectacular missing person case that has kept Australia in suspense for several months.

On Friday, police confirmed that DNA samples indicate that it was Melissa Caddick’s foot. The millionaire, who disappeared without a trace three months ago, was pronounced dead in the same breath. Before she disappeared, Caddick had been suspected of cheating millions of dollars into investors.

Bournda Beach in Southeast Australia.  This is where campers made the gruesome discovery

Bournda Beach in Southeast Australia. This is where campers made the gruesome discoveryFoto: Getty Images

Lost after a supposed jogging round

Caddick was last seen alive on November 11th at her luxury home in Dover Heights, a coastal suburb of Sydney. Her family initially thought she had gone for a morning jog – leaving her phone, wallet and keys behind. Two days later, her husband reported her missing.

Shortly before her disappearance, investigators from the Australian regulatory authority Asic searched her house in connection with the fraud allegations. Her accounts had also been frozen to prevent her from leaving the country.

Caddick is reported to have cheated large sums of money into large sums of money through her company and an unlicensed investment program to fund their extravagant lifestyle.

According to a police spokesman, the sports shoe with the foot was longer in the water and has now been washed up on the beach. The deputy chief of the New South Wales Police Department said: “How Melissa got into the water is still a mystery, the investigation is ongoing.” It is also possible that Caddick took his own life. It will be determined in all directions.

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