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Attacked by the ex – My story is meant to be a warning

Eleven knife wounds were counted in the neck and face of Florence K. (54). The attacker slit the cheek with the approximately 30 centimeter long blade up to the back of the ear.

Raymond K. (54), her ex-husband, is said to have stabbed her as if from his senses, “whereby the accused wanted to cause her death and serious injuries”. That is what the indictment says.

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The early retired official from Luxembourg acted out of “extreme jealousy”, it is said. And: “With the act he wanted to demonstrate his unrestricted property rights to his divorced wife.”

Florence survived thanks to an emergency operation in Saarbrücken. But it is forever drawn. The scars on the face will remain. Half of the face is paralyzed, as is one arm and one hand. Then there is fear and insomnia.

Still, Florence doesn’t want to hide. To BILD am Sonntag she says: “I am going public with my story to warn other women. So that the same thing doesn’t happen to them as it does to me. Because if you raise your hand once, you will raise it again and again. “

Florence and Raymond K. were married (three sons) for 27 years. She says of marriage: “After twelve years he started beating me.”

Florence divorced in 2020 and moved to Saarland. It didn’t help: According to the indictment, Raymond K. gained access to his ex-wife’s cell phone in early 2021, found out that she was meeting men and where she was. His jealousy grew.

Raymond K. ambushed his ex-wife. “Even if I only drove to refuel – it was always there,” reports Florence. She went to the police. “But she said you couldn’t do anything as long as he didn’t attack.”

The attack

The attack took place on May 19, shortly after half past five in the morning in a parking lot in Wallerfangen. Florence had spent the night in a strange apartment.

Raymond had been waiting in the car in front of the house. As she walked across the parking lot, he drove over to her, got out, and stabbed her.

Now he stands before the Saarbrücken regional court for attempted murder. He faces a life sentence.

The defendant was silent on the first day of the trial. His lawyer claims that Raymond K. “voluntarily gave up the act.” A witness had alerted the police. Raymond K. was arrested on site and told the police: “It was me.”

Dr. Lars Nozar, the victim’s lawyer, to BILD am Sonntag: “I saw no remorse in the accused, no apology.”

On December 6th, Florence K. will testify as a witness before the jury. Brave as she is. But she will never let go of the nightmare in her life: “I hope he gets the maximum sentence. But I’m afraid he’ll come out sooner and complete what he started. ”

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