Attack against women in Maru Campos event

The Chihuahua Diary

Tuesday, 05 January 2021 | 18:01

Chihuahua.- During a zoom of Maru Campos with women from all over the state, an attack with hateful content, mockery and denotation against women was registered, at the time of the attacks more than 600 women were connected to the event (Zoom).

Among those responsible for the attack, users with names such as “Tom.”, “Paola GarcĂ­a Mendoza Hayala”, “Justin Laines”, “Yadira Veloz”, “Lully Daza”, among others.

This regrettable attack on women and the pre-campaign has unleashed indignation and great anger from the participating women, who have expressed their desire to demonstrate in the streets.

So far, in Chihuahua there had not been such an orchestrated attack and such virulence in social networks against an aspirant, women and against all the women of Chihuahua.

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