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“Atlético Madrid gave away the championship in San Mamés,” says Hernán Pereyra

The defeat of Atlético Madrid in Bilbao against Athletic Bilbao, puts it in a very uncomfortable situation of acara to the final stretch of the tournament of LaLiga. Although it continues at the top of the classification with two points of advantage over Real Madrid and Barcelona, ​​if the Culé team wins its pending match against Granada this Thursday, it would remain as the new leader of the tournament by a point of advantage, something that seemed to be a remote possibility when half of the tour was completed in this tournament and the mattress team had a double-digit advantage in the table.

“Atlético de Madrid gave away LaLiga this weekend. Because of how the tournament had taken place, today I should be celebrating and enjoying a good advantage and not be suffering from trying not to lose this championship ”, he acknowledged Hernan Pereyra in one of the segments that are part of this week’s first edition of the podcast ‘It’s so and that’s it’. “It is true that there are 15 points to go, that Atlético Madrid and Barcelona must still face each other, but the reality is that if the culé team adds three points in their pending match, the colchoneros no longer depend on themselves and they will have to beat them to his direct rival at the Camp Nou ”.

Within his analysis, the podcast host included the mood factor as one of the aspects to take into account. “When until this date everything seemed comfortable for Atlético, now Barcelona is the one who has everything in their favor to define the tournament. Because it must be recognized that against Granada, those of Ronald Koeman They shouldn’t have a hard time winning it because they are more of a team. So the emotional role can be fundamental to win the title and that is why I think that, by losing in Bilbao, Atlético sentenced their fate ”.

“In San Mamés they lost three key points. Even getting a point was very important. Even if Barcelona won the pending game, they would be even in the table and the tie in points served Atlético because they had won the match in Madrid, ”the ESPN analyst acknowledged. But the most important thing is that they played badly again, it was difficult for them to generate options, they scored again in the last 5 minutes of a game and on top of that with a goal from a stopped ball such as a corner, ”Pereyra emphasized.

After mentioning that the income in the second half of Luis Suárez, Joao Félix and Thomas Lemar, were not enough to solve the problems of the mattresses, Pereyra rescued the emotional moment of Barcelona saying that “after starting losing, in 8 minutes he was able to turn a complicated game and take three points against a rival like Villarreal, who always complicates. And it could even have increased the difference or perhaps also have given points if Villarreal specified any of the options they had to tie it. However, he found a way to win it. “


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Bilbao beat the leader 2-1 with a decisive goal from the Spanish central defender.

“The one that does not add up and has been losing footprint after having won the classic, is Real Madrid that drew goalless on their court against Real Betis, a team that could have left them empty-handed,” said Pereyra, to then highlight that “Real Madrid was colliding with its own impotence that it shows in LaLiga, something completely different from what it has been showing in the Champions League.”

Finally, Pereyra returned to focus on the remainder of the tournament to see who can be crowned champion. “Atlético Madrid has a very tough away game against Barcelona, ​​but the rest of the calendar would seem accessible. Meanwhile, Barcelona must visit Valencia and then receive those from Diego Simeone in a match that can define the championship. Meanwhile, Real Madrid have to play with Sevilla, who is fourth and with possibilities to fight as well, and Athletic Bilbao, in addition to playing in the Champions League. That load of matches can make their physical reserves decrease ”.

“We will have to see what happens. It is clear that today Barcelona seems to have everything served to win this League because it depends on itself and things were accommodated based on Atlético’s fears. Fears that are often transmitted by Cholo Simeone himself. Today the team sees ghosts and knows that if they lose this league, it will be a resounding failure. So resounding that even Simeone himself should step aside and get off this boat, “he concluded.

Note: the edition of ‘It’s So and Period ‘, also includes the opinion of Pereyra on the first semifinal between Real Madrid and Chelsea, as well as everything that remains to be defined in the Guard1anes 2021 from Liga MX when there is only one date left to finish the regular season.

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