With the victory over Xolos, Atlas came out of the basement and put a distance with Atlético de San Luis after his stumble in Monterrey

With the victory on the field of the Jalisco Stadium, Atlas momentarily left the last place in the quotient table after outperforming the set of Athletic of San Luis.

The team led by Diego Cocca beat Tijuana 1-0, so the Foxes reached 99 units, with a ratio of 1.0206.

With this result, Atlas will remain in the penultimate place of the table, as Atlético de San Luis fell 2 to 0 against Monterrey and adds a 1.0000 in the division of points by the number of games played.

In addition to the above, the Foxes jumped into the fight for promotion, since they are located at seven units of FC Juárez, who lost the ‘six points’ match to Puebla in the present day.

In addition, on the sporting level, when leaving the last place in the quotient table, the Foxes can participate in the Mexican Soccer League, after placing in fourth place in the general table with 21 units.