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Atlanta killer kills eight people: murder motive sex addiction? – News abroad

Atlanta (USA) – A man wanders through massage parlors, randomly shooting people in the metropolitan area of ​​the southern metropolis of Atlanta. In the end, eight people are dead; they had no chance against the killer!

Once again a perpetrator at gunpoint has carried out a terrible massacre of completely unsuspecting victims. According to police, footage from surveillance cameras shows that Robert Aaron Long, 20, was responsible for a total of three attacks on massage parlors with eight dead on March 16.

What drove the Atlanta killer to do this insane act?

As the newspaper “Atlanta Journal-Constitution” reports, six of the eight dead women are of Asian origin. The suspect “took responsibility for the crime,” said Jay Baker of the Cherokee District Police Department. “He claims that she was not racially motivated.”

When he was first questioned, the suspect alleged sex addiction as the driving force behind the fatal attacks. It is possible that he himself was a customer of the massage parlors in the past, in which he then attacked people. In addition, he said he had planned further acts in the neighboring state of Florida, an “attack on the porn industry”. Details are not yet known, the investigations are in full swing.

A victim is transported from the Gold Spa massage parlor after the shooting

A victim is transported from the Gold Spa massage parlor after the shootingPhoto: EPA

Three people were killed in this establishment

Three people were killed in this establishmentPhoto: CHRISTOPHER ALUKA BERRY/REUTERS

The fact is that Long pretended to be religious in public. But guns have also done the killer. On Instagram he presents himself as a religious weapon lover: “Pizza, guns, drums, music, family and God: this is my life. It’s a pretty good life “it says there.

One of Long’s ex-classmates told the American press: “He seemed very innocent and wouldn’t even curse. He was a bit ‘nerdy’ and didn’t seem violent as far as I can remember. He was a hunter, his father was a pastor and active in the church youth. He was very religious. “

The massage parlor massacre

Police in Cherokee County (about 50 kilometers north of Atlanta) found two people shot dead and three injured in a massage parlor on Tuesday afternoon (March 16, local time). Two of the injured died in hospital a short time later.

Why the perpetrator murdered in massage parlors of all places - unclear

Why the perpetrator murdered in massage parlors of all places – unclearPhoto: ELIJAH NOUVELAGE / AFP

Only an hour later the next shock: Four more dead in two wellness facilities in Atlanta. Police arrested the alleged killer a few hours after the attacks 150 miles south of Atlanta.

The South Korean Foreign Ministry confirmed that four of the victims were of Korean descent, according to the Yonhap news agency.

US Democratic Congresswoman Nikema Williams said, “With the details increasingly disclosed, this attack tragically follows the unacceptable pattern of increased violence against Americans of Asian descent that has escalated during the coronavirus pandemic.”

According to information from the human rights group Asian American Advocacy Fund, almost half a million people of Asian origin live in Georgia, a good four percent of the population.

Georgia’s Senator Raphael Warnock condemned the violence in a tweet Tuesday night. “The tragic violence in Atlanta that has claimed eight lives breaks my heart,” wrote Warnock. He prayed for the families of the victims and for “peace for the church”. Most recently, anti-racism activists had warned of a growing rejection of people with an Asian background in the USA.

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