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At the moment, Schiaretti will not apply Sputnik V – Radioreport 3

This Monday the first half of the 21,900 doses of the Sputnik V vaccine will arrive in Córdoba and this Tuesday from 8 am the vaccination will begin in different parts of the province.

Barbás indicated that, although there are already studies that prove that the vaccine is effective in people over 60, “in this first stage people up to 60 years of age will be vaccinated, because the official signature that authorizes to apply the dose is still missing to this population. ” The official assures that it would be ready for next week.

The first stage will be focused on the high-exposure health team, such as on-call services, intensive therapy or services related to Covid, as explained by Barbás.

“It will follow the rest of the health team, which includes more than 60,000 people, and then the rest of the population according to different priority guidelines,” he said.

“For the second stage, it will be possible to access vaccination shifts by 0800, through the Internet or from the vaccination centers in the capital and in the regional hospitals of each department,” he said.

In addition, he said that they do not rule out carrying out a home vaccination.

And he gave details about how the vaccination logistics will be: “The vaccines arrive in the capital, from there to 23 reference points throughout the province, where the conditions for their maintenance are already guaranteed, each one with a corresponding generator so as not to lose the cold chain “.

And he stated that on Thursday 31 he will be vaccinated until noon and will continue on January 1.

Interview with Miguel Clariá.

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