On April 2, Yulia Efremenkova, one of the brightest participants in the Dom-2 TV show, celebrated her birthday. The girl turned 34 years old, but she assures that this is only the age according to the passport.

“In my heart I feel at most 25, which is probably why I often commit rash and crazy actions. But for this I love my life: sometimes like on a roller coaster, but it takes your breath away and becomes more interesting every day, ”she wrote on Instagram.

Julia has shot many “stories” about celebrating her birthday. Before the girl had time to get out of the shower, her boyfriend and friends rushed to congratulate her wet with flowers. And in the evening, Efremenkova gathered loved ones in one of the capital’s restaurants, having arranged a noisy party with karaoke and dancing.

The girlfriends of the “House-2” star could not stop admiring the outfit in which the birthday girl met them. Julia chose a long white floor-length dress with a deep neckline and a large slit at the bottom. The latter rose to the level of the navel and made it possible to see what kind of underwear Efremenkova wore.

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