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At the age of 107: oldest woman from Ticino overcomes COVID-19 disease

Updated January 2, 2021, 10:58 a.m.

  • A 107-year-old woman from Ticino survived her COVID-19 illness.
  • Her daughter was also infected with the corona virus.

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The oldest woman in Ticino has a Survived COVID-19. Brancaccio lifewho already has life in her first name, survived two world wars and the Spanish flu. Now she has that too Coronavirus defeatedas reported by “”.

The 107 year old out Chiasso got infected with the corona virus in November and was then admitted to the hospital in Lugano – just like hers 76 year old daughter Maria. “It was difficult, but we are here. I’m still very weak,” says Vita Brancaccio.

“When we knew we were positive, I was very scared. I also felt guilty. I asked myself what I did wrong, “says daughter Maria.” In 2020 we saw very few people we were very careful. Maybe it was a relative who passed it on to us. We do not know it.”

Severe pneumonia as a result of COVID-19

Vita Brancaccio hatte eine severe pneumonia, as the daughter continues. “I was afraid she would die,” says Maria. “I didn’t want my mother to die of COVID. But I have to say that doctors were really professional. Somehow I was afraid that they wouldn’t treat my mother because she was too old. Instead they were real professionals.”

Her mother’s secret be hers “living healthy“.” She spent her first 50 years in the countryside in an Italian village in the region Benevento“says daughter Maria. After that she came to Switzerland.” She is a woman who has always loved both nature and the little things. ”
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A 93-year-old from Spain survived a severe COVID-19 illness. Sisters and carers in the hospital in La Seu d’Urgell applauded the healed patient.

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