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At least another week – Up to 31 degrees – The mini summer is now XXL!

It’s just beautiful. The sun is shining, it’s warm. And it will stay that way. Summer is extending its mini comeback!

Thanks to Hoch Gaya, September is in top form – even though autumn has been meteorologically since September 1st. At night it is sometimes quite fresh, but during the day 25 to 31 degrees are possible in the coming days.

“We get the longest period of good weather of the entire summer of 2021 and that in September and not in June, July or August,” explains graduate meteorologist Dominik Jung from the weather portal “It can even get up to 30 degrees. The leading weather models, the US weather model of NOAA and the European weather service, expect at least another week of beautiful summer weather here in Germany. “

But how long does the “Hommer” last?

Climatologist Dr. Karsten Brandt from to BILD: “Gaya is an endurance runner with a lot of stamina. I wouldn’t be surprised if the September summer would be extended again. “

According to weather expert Jung, the weather forecast is also excellent: “The sun high is celebrating a brilliant comeback! So far this summer there have rarely been completely beautiful sunny days across Germany. “

So it will continue with the weather in the coming days

► Saturday: 19 to 27 degrees, often sunny and dry

► Sunday: 20 to 30 degrees, lots of sunshine and dry

► Monday: 19 to 29 degrees, great late summer weather with a mix of sun and clouds

► Tuesday: 19 to 29 degrees, sometimes sun, sometimes clouds, hardly any showers or thunderstorms

► Wednesday: 22 to 31 degrees, often sunny and dry, a little warmer

► Thursday: 24 to 32 degrees, lots of sunshine and later in the evening some thunderstorms in the low mountain ranges

► Friday: 23 to 29 degrees, warm in midsummer with sunshine and a few thunderstorms

Many had already written off the summer in August. But the summer of 2021 only really gets going in September this year.

Weather expert Jung: “We expect regionally more than 100 hours of sunshine by next week. That could be nicer than in the whole of August. “

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