The National Fire Department of Taiwan reported that at least 41 people died, two are still trapped in the wagons and 66 have been transferred to the hospital ”. The groups of rescuers continue trying to access the places where there are trapped passengers. The train that was transporting them had an accident in the vicinity of Hualien.

The office of the President of Taiwan, Tsai Ing-Wen, stated that the head of state ordered hospitals to prepare to take in many victims. “The absolute priority now is to help the trapped people,” said the presidency. The police reported that 36 passengers had a “cardiac arrest before their arrival at the hospital”.

The authorities detailed that other 72 people were still trapped inside the cars and 61 were transferred to medical centers. The emergency management center indicated 26 people “without vital signs.” The Canal UDN It showed images of at least two undamaged carriages and lifeguards helping passengers out.

The German wave reports that one woman said she felt “as if there had been a sudden violent jolt and I fell to the ground.” A passenger told the local media that “we broke the window to get on the roof of the train and get out.” The eight-car train carried about 350 passengers and headed from Taipei to Taitung City.

Group of rescuers removes an injured in the accident in Hualien

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