At -30 degrees: Stepfather locks son (4) half-naked in the garage

Stepfather, 35, was arrested after the incident

Because the little boy is said to have behaved badly, he was first beaten by his stepfather and then locked in a garage in freezing temperatures. The four-year-old from Russia suffered frostbite on his hands and feet.

Child sat barefoot in the freezing garage for hours

As Russian authorities from the Transbaikalia region in the east of the country announced on Saturday, the boy was locked up in the middle of the night for hours in a garage at minus 30 degrees by the 35-year-old stepfather. The child was therefore barefoot and only wore light training pants and a T-shirt. She suffered frostbite on her hands and feet and is being treated in a hospital in Chita City. Temperatures in the region have dropped to minus 30 degrees in the past few days.

The incident, which occurred on Monday night, was reported by the child’s mother. The stepfather has been arrested and is under investigation for attempted murder.

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