AstraZeneca: Why the US won’t give a vaccine

Status: 13.03.2021 2:53 a.m.

In the US, around 30 million doses of the AstraZeneca vaccine are reportedly being stored unused in refrigerators, even though it has not yet been approved. Instead of exporting the vaccine, the Biden government wants to be prepared.

From Arthur Landwehr,
ARD-Studio Washington

Allegedly 30 million doses of AstraZeneca’s corona vaccine are stored in American refrigerators, although the vaccine is not approved here at all. Why don’t you just have it exported to where vaccine is urgently needed, in Europe, for example, government spokeswoman Jen Psaki is asked. “We want to make sure that we have maximum flexibility, that we are over-equipped and over-prepared.”

Arthur Landwehr

Arthur Landwehr
ARD-Studio Washington

AstraZeneca will probably be approved in the next few weeks, then the company should also be able to deliver on the same day. The US government is defending itself against allegations that it would prevent manufacturers from delivering promised vaccines to Europe by stopping exports. There is no export ban. The vaccine in the refrigerator belongs to the USA, has been bought and paid for, it is not just given away. That has nothing to do with the export ban.

Any company can cooperate with any country and make a deal for the supply of vaccination doses.

A condition for companies

The only condition: the contracts with the US government would have to be fulfilled. After all, unlike the Europeans, the USA concluded supply contracts at an early stage and the War Production Act enabled companies to manufacture and fill vaccines. “There is a contractual obligation to deliver the American vaccination doses and to perform this contract.”

But then they could deliver as much all over the world as they wanted. The fact that people are sticking to the AstraZeneca vaccine also has to do with Joe Biden’s promise to systematically fight Corona and to restore normal everyday life by the summer. “We want to have the opportunity to vaccinate the American public with the most effective substances.”

Normality until July 4th

This also means that you have to be prepared to deal with mutations in the virus and to be able to switch quickly to another vaccine if necessary.

Enough vaccine should be available for all adults in the US by the end of May, and Joe Biden has promised to celebrate again for the national holiday on July 4th.

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