AstraZeneca – “Ridiculous!” British blaspheme about vaccination panic of the EU – domestic policy

The AstraZeneca vaccination ban in Germany and other EU countries stunned the British!

The British media and politicians react to the decision to suspend vaccination with YOUR AstraZeneca active ingredient with a mixture of ridicule and indignation.

“Shameful”, headlines the “Daily Express”, referring to a statement by British Prime Minister Boris Johnson (56) that the vaccine is safe. The “Daily Mail” quotes a statistics professor as saying that a rate of 37 thrombosis cases per 17 million vaccinations that were carried out in the EU and Great Britain is far below the prognoses.

“Shameful,” headlines the Daily Express

“Shameful,” headlines the Daily ExpressFoto: Daily Express

Presenter legend Piers Morgan (55) calls the vaccination ban “ridiculous”. He comments on Twitter: “Great, more stays for us. There is no basis for this EU panic. “The long-time BBC spokesman Andrew Neil (71) says only briefly about the decision of the EU countries:” When the madness strikes. “

BECAUSE: The vaccination success of the United Kingdom (including significantly lower death rates among seniors) is based almost exclusively on the vaccine developed in Oxford by the British-Swedish company! Thanks to AstraZeneca, the British have the lockdown end within their grasp and can look forward to summer holidays and evenings in the beer garden!

Anthony Browne (54), British MP for the Conservative ruling party, can only shake his head at Germany’s decision. He takes AstraZeneca criticism personally, because the British-Swedish group has its headquarters in Browne’s constituency (South Cambridgeshire)!

“You could call the EU’s approach to the entire vaccination program ridiculous, if it weren’t so tragic,” criticized Browne in BILD. The errors “not only led to serious delays in vaccination, but completely undermined confidence in it and will cost the lives of EU citizens”.

Clear words on the “Daily Mail” front page: “Ruthless EU disdains British vaccination”Foto: Daily Mail

Browne complains that there is “absolutely no scientific justification” for AstraZeneca’s vaccination ban. Millions of vaccinations with the British active ingredient would have clearly shown that. In view of the “solid scientific basis”, it is impossible to “not regard the vaccination ban as politically motivated”!

A guest contribution by statistics expert Prof. David Spiegelhalter (67) from Cambridge University also caused a stir. “There is no evidence that the Oxford vaccine (AstraZeneca, d. Ed.) Causes blood clots,” the article was headlined.

In view of the EMA data for the EU countries, he asks: “If the European Medicines Agency says that there were 30 thromboembolic events after five million vaccinations, the crucial question is: How many would normally have been expected?”

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