Assault. Píparo was the victim of a robbery and minutes later he ran over motorcyclists

Buenos Aires deputy Carolina Píparo was threatened by motochorros in La Plata

The Buenos Aires legislator Carolina Píparo was a victim of motorcycle jets during New Year’s Eve. Police sources confirmed the assault suffered by the deputy who in 2010 had been shot during a bank leak, a circumstance in which the son who was born in an emergency cesarean section died.

A few minutes after the robbery that occurred at 2.30 yesterday, Píparo and her husband Juan Ignacio Buzali followed a group of motorcyclists, suspecting that they were those who had pointed a firearm at him and collided with his car at one of those shots. Two young men were injured in the fall in an event that is being investigated separately from the assault.

In the first incident, personnel from the motorized division of the Buenos Aires police were notified by the legislator about the robbery that occurred in that place, Calle 47, between 15 and 16, in the city of La Plata. Píparo said that there, in front of the family’s house, he was threatened by six motorcycle jets that moved in three rounds and that they took $ 20,000 and an iPhone cell phone from him. Due to this robbery, the prosecutor’s office No. 9 intervened at that time and the police officers began the search for the suspects, while the victim and her husband went to the 1st police station. de La Plata to make the formal presentation of the complaint.

On that journey, the couple observed a group of motorcyclists with similar characteristics to those who had carried out the robbery. Píparo assured that he contacted 911 to indicate that he had crossed paths with the suspects and chased those motorcycles along with her husband. The legislator said that at one point they felt surrounded by five pairs of motorcyclists and that they attacked one of the vehicles to get away from the scene. The police found on 21st Street, between 38 and 39, two young men aged 23 and 17 who claimed to have been run over by a vehicle that was pursuing them. Before being transferred to a hospital by relatives, those injured even indicated that their motorcycle was dragged several blocks by that car, driven by Buzali.

While the robbery of the legislator is being investigated by the prosecutor’s office No. 9, the injuries suffered by the motorcyclists gave rise to another file, which is followed by the prosecutor’s office No. 17, which classified the cause as minor injuries.

“If it is about the people who robbed me, the Justice will have to investigate it. I did not go looking for them, I came across the people I thought it was,” Píparo said in journalistic statements. And he added: “I did not want to arrest anyone, I did not want to lose sight of them and that the police could catch them, so I called 911”.

The legislator also assured that they did not stop at the time of hitting the motorcyclists – who in her opinion were the motor jets who had threatened her with weapons shortly before – because together with her husband they felt fear for their lives so they sought to get away.

After suffering a robbery, Píparo and her husband chased and ran over motorcyclists on suspicion that they were the perpetrators of the assault
After suffering a robbery, Píparo and her husband chased and ran over motorcyclists on suspicion that they were the perpetrators of the assault

“We were twelve friends on six motorcycles. We are all from the Abasto area and we came to La Plata to see the dolls burn. I was coming back and I saw the moment when the Fiat car ran over Luis, who was coming with another friend, and the two were fired, “one of the witnesses to that incident explained to the investigators, according to his testimony to which Télam had access.

Investigators are trying to determine, through security camera recordings, whether the groups of motorcyclists pursued by Píparo and her husband were related or not to the motorcycle jets that assaulted the legislator.

Bloody bank spout

On July 29, 2010, Píparo attended with his mother, María Ema, to withdraw money from the Banco Santander Río branch located on 7 avenue and 42nd street, in the provincial capital.

Once she got 10,000 dollars and 13,000 pesos, she drove to her house on 21st and 36th streets without noticing that a gang of criminals was following her.

When getting out of the car, Píparo was surprised by two “motochorros”, one of which threw her to the ground, hit her with a rifle butt in the head and, despite stealing her money, shot her.

After the assault, the victim was transferred to Gonnet Hospital where the doctors performed a caesarean section from which her son Isidro was born, although due to the injuries the mother had suffered, he died a week later.

In March 2013, the Oral Criminal Court (TOC) 2 of La Plata began the trial of the seven accused of forming the gang that had assaulted her.

Unanimously, the TOC 2 sentenced Carlos Moreno, Miguel “Pimienta” Silva (who died in 2018), Luciano López, Juan Manuel Calvimonte and Carlos Jordán Juárez to life imprisonment, who were charged with the crime of “attempted murder criminis causa “to the detriment of Píparo and” homicide criminis causa “for the death of her baby Isidro.

Following the appeal of the defenses, the Buenos Aires Court of Cassation changed the heading from “homicide criminis causa” to “homicide on the occasion of robbery” and reduced the sentence of the five sentenced to between 23 and 25 years in prison.

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