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Assault in Hamm (NRW) – “I woke up with a gun on my head”

The television is on, homeowner Peter R. fell asleep on the couch. It is around 1.30 a.m. on the night of August 28th when the entrepreneur wakes up. A masked man holds a gun to his temple! He threatens: “If you scream, I’ll shoot.”

Then a two-hour martyrdom begins for the R. couple in Hamm (North Rhine-Westphalia). Four masked felons tie up the man (late 60s) and the woman (mid 60s), threaten them and calmly plunder the whole house.

The entrepreneur, who worked as a manager for many years, tells BILD am SONNTAG: “We were scared to death. We survived the attack largely unharmed, but we have not been able to lead a carefree life since then. “

The gangsters had broken down the door to the winter garden. The images from a surveillance camera show how the dark-clad Eastern Europeans sneak into the living room – and shortly afterwards attack the sleeping man. The pictures also show how clarified the quartet proceeded in the course of the further attack: how they keep looking out the window or strolling through the house with their hands in their trouser pockets, seemingly relaxed.

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Peter R .: “Everything was so unreal in the beginning. I kept hearing the same sentences: ‘Where’s his safe?’, ‘Where’s his Rolex?’, ‘Where’s his money?’, ‘Where’s his jewelry?’ “

The homeowner worries about his wife, who has been overwhelmed in the bedroom. He hands everything over to the burglars: watches, jewelry, small gold bars, gold and silver coins, designer bags, designer clothes, perfume and cash. The value of the loot is in the six-figure range.

At some point they lock the couple in a walk-in closet. When the man is able to free himself after a while, suddenly a masked man stands in front of him again and asks: “Where’s his gasoline? We set fire to the house and you burn in the closet! “

Imprisoned again, the couple relived fear of death. Is the house on fire? And the couple mentally play out escape plans: How can we escape unnoticed?

But then the robbery horror is over: The band of robbers leaves the house – packed with sacks, suitcases and bags. The strangers escape in the woman’s VW Beetle. The couple smashes the door of the walk-in closet with an aluminum suitcase and breaks free.

The entrepreneur and the teacher are left traumatized. The husband says: “The fear has remained. You always fear that it could happen again. ”That is why the homeowner offered a reward of 10,000 euros. “I want these people to be held accountable and others spared this horror.”

The search is ongoing – so far without success. Police and prosecutors have released pictures of the surveillance cameras.

Police spokesman Hendrik Heine (46): “We hope that someone will recognize the perpetrators or be able to provide information on their whereabouts. We’re investigating serious robbery. Up to ten years imprisonment are on it. “

Only 17.6 percent of the break-ins are cleared up

In 2020 there were 75 023 reported burglaries in Germany – in purely mathematical terms, more than 205 break-ins or break-in attempts per day. In 2019 there were 87 145 cases.

Burglars caused damage of around 292 million euros. The numbers declined, among other things, because many stayed at home because of Coroana.

Around a third of all break-ins (a good 25,000) took place in NRW in 2020. This is based on figures from the Federal Statistical Office. The police clear-up rate nationwide in 2020 was 17.6 percent.

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