Assassinated university student had a disappearance report

Miguel Vargas
The Juarez Journal

Sunday, 03 January 2021 | 07:40

Juarez City.- The UACJ student found murdered last Sunday, December 27, had been reported missing two days before his body was found, according to personnel from the North Zone State Prosecutor’s Office.

Juan Daniel Vargas Ortiz, who was studying Biology at the highest university in this city, was beaten to death, according to the ministerial agency.

His body was found in an abandoned house, in the Roma subdivision, located in the southeastern end of this city.

He was in a corridor that leads to the courtyard of the uninhabited house that is located on Monte Antene and Villa Burguese streets, where there are hundreds of houses in similar conditions due to the lack of basic services, according to the official report of his death.

The man was reported absent on Christmas Day, from which date he no longer responded to calls from his relatives, according to the follow-up to the investigation of the case.

Dozens of acquaintances and relatives have been summoned to testify before the Public Ministry to know the environment in which the student developed in life, whose colleagues endorsed him on social networks as outstanding in the professional career he was studying.

The UACJ publicly exhorted the authorities so that the crime did not go unpunished, in a publication made on the official website of that institution on December 31.

The data until yesterday tried to piece together how the student got to that remote area of ​​the city and who he was with for at least a day after his disappearance.

The Prosecutor’s Office reported that it was awaiting laboratory results on some evidence that was taken at the scene where the body was found, although it did not specify what these were.

It was learned that the next of kin took four days to recognize the body and claim it before the Prosecutor’s Office

General of the State, just on December 31, when it was confirmed that it was the same person reported absent. The municipal police from unit 524 have already been declared, the first responders to attend a citizen complaint received at 911 that reported the location of the body on Sunday morning, December 27. The Public Ministry will take time to gather the necessary elements to be able to establish a hypothesis of the homicide, as reported yesterday.

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