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Ask your question – BILD veterinarian will help your pet for free!

During these consultation hours, animals are heard and the owners are helped live!

Veterinarian Dr. Gabriele Marquardt (61) from Berlin answered questions from BILD readers and viewers about their pets. All free of charge, of course, in your veterinarian’s consultation at BILD Live.

▶ ︎ You too have one Guinea pigs, rabbits, birds, reptiles, fish, cats or dogs – and worries? No problem of your favorite is too small or embarrassing!

Here you can ask your question

BILD veterinarian Dr. Marquardt will advise you live on the show, give advice and concrete approaches to help.

Please send us a short mobile phone video of yourself with your darling, briefly naming the problem and question.

▶ ︎ by Mail: [email protected]

▶ ︎ for WhatsApp: 0171-959 22 11

You can also send a photo of yourself with your darling to BILD in this way (please also include your problem and question)

Important: Be sure to include your full name and telephone number in the event of any queries.

This is how YOU also become part of the BILD reporting:

You can find information on data protection here.

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