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As Giancarlo Stanton walks, the Yankees will walk

The great offensive moment that the powerful New York Yankees hitter lives has been the main catalyst for the significant improvement of the results of the New York team after a terrible first month of the season

After a difficult start to the year, New York Yankees has begun to straighten the path and reached second place in the East Division of the American League. During the last fifteen days, the New York team has been far superior to the one that during the first month of the campaign occupied the last position of its division and came to have the worst record in the American League.

The poor offense the team demonstrated has been replaced by one that has generally done a better job, while their starting rotation, out of Gerrit Cole, who has been pitching like the ace of the rotation that he is, has also had a more prominent turnout over the past two weeks.

In the midst of the resurgence of Yankees there is a man who can be criticized for the amount of strikeouts he receives or understand that he does not “worth what you get paid“Because he is injured frequently, but has unquestionable talent and ability to hit, Giancarlo Stanton.

Stanton has been the offensive engine of the Yankees During his recovery and thanks to the player, the team has consistently generated offense.

To prove it, you only have to see the results of the 37 games that the Yankees and the behavior of the team according to the statistics of Stanton. Starting with the games in which he has not played, the batter has not hit in four encounters, in which the “Bronx bombers”Have a record of two wins and two losses.

From there, Giancarlo Stanton has played in 33 matches and the results of the Yankees They are vastly different since the batter was fired. In the first 18 games in which he started this season, he hit .186, with an on-base percentage (OBP) of .250 and a slugging percentage (SLG) of .414, in addition, he hit five home runs and drove in 14 laps. . The Yankees they were left with a record of eight wins and ten losses.

However, during the last 15 games, Stanton has radically changed his performance, hitting .393 with a 1.128 OPS, four homers and ten RBIs, while the Yankees have won ten and lost five.

There is no doubt that the take off of Stanton has been the key piece for the New York team to regain ground in the fight for the division and to reach the postseason again. That is why as I walk Stanton, the Yankees.

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