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arrives in Hawaii and has a presence in 23 Mexican states

Nine Mexican transcriminal organizations They are the ones that have the greatest impact in the United States, but there is one that has grown rapidly and today has a presence in more Mexican states than the Sinaloa Cartel: The Jalisco New Generation Cartel (CJNG).

In the report of the Anti-Narcotics Agency (DEA) takes an X-ray of the nine cartels and stands out, in the case of the CJNG, how it has expanded its influence. A map reveals that the cartel has a presence from Orlando, Florida, to Honolulu, in Hawaii, and in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

According to the DEA, the CJNG “is one of the fastest growing cartels” and that, together with the Sinaloa Cartel, are the most dominant in Mexico.

While the Sinaloa Cartel has the broadest international influence, and in Mexico it has a significant presence in 15 of 32 Mexican states, controlling traffic in particular on the Pacific Coast and near the country’s southern and northern borders, the CJNG today It has a presence in 23 of the 32 Mexican states.

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This drug trafficking organization, dedicated to the production of fentanyl, heroin, methamphetamine, and cocaine, has expanded mainly in central Mexico, as well as in strategic border areas with the United States. It also has influence in the Port of Manzanillo. In the United States, it can be accessed through corridors in northern Mexico, including Tijuana, Juárez and Nuevo Laredo.

“The rapid expansion of the drug trafficking activities of the CJNG it is characterized by the group’s willingness to get involved in violent confrontations with the Mexican security forces and rival cartels ”.

Image taken from the report

Cártel de Sinaloa in the EU

Even so, in the United States, the cartel with the most presence continues to be the Sinaloa Cartel: Arizona and Texas to Massachusetts, New York and the American capital itself, Washington DC.

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Besides these cartelsThe other seven with an impact in the United States are: the Beltrán Leyva Organization; the Northeast Cartel and Los Zetas; United Warriors; the Gulf Cartel; the one of Juárez and the Line; the Michoacan Family and Los Rojos.

Most, the DEA warned, are organizations dedicated to the production and distribution of multiple drugs, “which allows them maximum flexibility and resilience in their operations.”


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