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Arrest of a candidate and strength of the “Contador”, the consequences after the fall of the “Vaquero”

Cruz Sánchez disputed Matamoros with the Contador (Photo: Twitter / JTFWest)
Cruz Sánchez disputed Matamoros with the Contador (Photo: Twitter / JTFWest)

After the arrest of Evaristo Cruz Sánchez, the Cowboy y/o MR 46, the Gulf Cartel It has been fragmented even more, while the forces of José Alfredo Cárdenas Martínez, the Contador, they can regroup their operators and resolve internal disputes or impose themselves as the sole leaders of the criminal group.

Although the organization that founded Juan García Ábrego In the mid-1980s it has gone from the apogee to the war between cells, its historical dominance in Tamaulipas is far from disappearing. Before your arrest, for example, the Cowboy was in expansionist plans from Matamoros to San Luis Potosí, the north of Veracruz, Zacatecas and Mexico City, the capital of the country.

According to the reports, Cruz Sánchez had planned a meeting with Santiago Villarreal, the Chago, old operator of Los Zetas who currently collaborates with the Jalisco Nueva Generación Cartel (CJNG) from Nemesio Oseguera Cervantes, the Mencho.

Already in its 2020 report, the US Drug Control Administration (give) had revealed that the CJNG established alliances with the Gulf Cartel in Tamaulipas and Zacatecas. However, and given the proliferation of leaders, it was not known if the pact was with the Cowboy or the Contador.

José Alfredo Cárdenas Martínez, aliases "Counter" He was released last year and returned to command the CDG (Photo: PGR)
José Alfredo Cárdenas Martínez, alias “El Contador” was released last year and returned to command the CDG (Photo: PGR)

The operation that led to the capture of Cruz Sánchez was led by agents of the Secretary of National Defense in Salinas Victoria, Nuevo León. But the actions did not culminate in the assurance of the leader of the Gulf Cartel, since the candidate for Citizen Movement to the mayor of the municipality of New Leon, Raúl Cantú de la Garza, was also arrested.

Presumably, the military executed a search warrant in a building on Hidalgo and Madero streets. There the Cowboy. Later, between Guerrero and Allende, the domicile corresponding to the standard bearer by Movimiento Ciudadano was inspected.

Unofficial versions indicated that the politician and the Tamaulipas ringleader were transferred by military personnel to make them available before the ministerial authorities. Even though the candidate’s wife shared in networks that Cantú de la Garza was being held for seven hours and he was responding to establish responsibilities without any search warrant or arrest warrant against him.

The Tamaulipas prosecutor’s office published that would seek to transfer Cruz Sánchez to the entity, where he has had an arrest warrant for the crime of aggravated kidnapping since April 2019. In February of last year, collaboration was requested from the Attorney General’s Office, as it is a priority objective in the entity governed by the PAN Francisco García Cabeza de Vaca.

Evaristo Cruz, alias El Vaquero, was arrested this Tuesday by elements of the Army
Evaristo Cruz, alias El Vaquero, was arrested this Tuesday by elements of the Army

“Among the actions carried out by elements of the State Public Security against the aforementioned criminal organization, we have the insurance of four properties and 72 motor vehicles, eight tractors, 18 horses and exotic animals, presumably owned by Evaristo ‘C’ “, highlighted the ministerial unit.

José Alfredo Cárdenas Martínez, the Contador, he is nephew of Osiel Cardenas Guillén, arrested in 2003, extradited to the US in 2007 and who will be released in 2028. The Contador He was released by the Mexican justice, for the second time, on October 29 of last year. After returning to his land, he continued in the business in open dispute against the Cowboy.

Given its dynamic of operations between clans, the Gulf Cartel has several ringleaders, among whom stand out the heirs of the Cárdenas Guillén family, Last name of the maximum leader when the group maintained a dominance at the level of rivals such as the Sinaloa Cartel.

The same criminal group has brother friends Sánchez Rivera: Ernesto, El M22 and Héctor, The M1 / ​​La Mimi, presumably located in the municipality of Reynosa, they would be members of Los Metros, a remnant of the Gulf Cartel. Or in her case, Pablo Misael Ramos Lara, El Mezqui / Pantera 24, also linked to the Tamaulipas faction.

Criminal leaders and their places in Tamaulipas (Map: Infobae México / Jovany Pérez Silva)
Criminal leaders and their places in Tamaulipas (Map: Infobae México / Jovany Pérez Silva)

Or the brothers Morphin Morphin: Caesar, The little cousin and Álvaro Noe, El R-8; who would operate in the municipality of Camargo, the same for the Gulf Cartel. While in Matamoros would be the base of operations of José Martín Cárdenas García, El Chiwilly, in Reynosa I would work Carlos Roel Collazo, The Chuy Sierra. All of them are fugitives.

It remains to be seen whether the lieutenants of the Cowboy they resist the siege of the Cárdenas clan or join forces. Or if the hitmen will once again give away toys for the festive season, with a new commander to replace Evaristo Sánchez Cruz, who had a reward price of two million pesos.


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