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Arkansas Tightened Law: Abortion Banned Even After Rape

Arkansas Tightened Law
Abortion prohibited even after rape

The US state of Arkansas is tightening its abortion law. In future, abortions will no longer be allowed even after rape. Civil rights activists announce resistance. With the regulation, the anti-abortionists are pursuing a much bigger goal.

The governor of the US state of Arkansas has signed a restrictive abortion law that does not allow abortion even in cases of rape and incest. The arch-conservative Republican Asa Hutchinson said that an abortion should only be possible if the mother’s life is in acute danger. He signed the law because of his “sincere and long-cherished pro-life beliefs,” he said.

State law doesn’t go into effect until summer. The civil rights organization ACLU has already announced that it will take legal action against it.

Abortion law has been one of the most contentious domestic issues in the United States for decades. In a historic 1973 decision, the Supreme Court recognized the fundamental right of women to an abortion. In recent years, however, conservative states have passed laws restricting this right.

Anti-abortion opponents are striving for a new fundamental decision by the Supreme Court. Hutchinson also stated this: his intention was “to create the conditions for the Supreme Court to overturn the current case law”.

With the tenure of Donald Trump, who as US President brought three Conservative judges to the Supreme Court until he was replaced by Democrat Joe Biden in January, the body has moved significantly to the right.

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