Aristóteles Sandoval: Two are arrested in Puerto Vallarta for altering the scene of the murder

In coordination with the National Guard, the State Attorney completed an arrest warrant against two women who are presumed to have participated in the alteration of evidence instead where the former governor of the state was assassinated, Aristotle Sandoval.

Derived from the investigations that the Jalisco Prosecutor’s Office has carried out since the day of the events, various data were obtained to prove that María “N” and Cassandra “N” participated in various actions with the purpose of altering the scene of the crime. Crime in the restaurant of the Fluvial Colony, where on December 18 the murder of the former governor of Jalisco was committed.

It was from these investigations that the agent of the Public Ministry asked the Control Judge for the arrest warrant against these two people “and considered that there was sufficient evidence against them for what it granted,” the agency said. .

In order to comply with the court order, the Investigative Police, in coordination with National Guard personnel commissioned by CONASE, carried out different actions in order to locate both women, achieving their arrest on Tuesday, December 29, for which reason both people were made available to the judge.

It will be in the next few hours that the legal situation will be defined of both women who are indicted for the crime of concealment.

Yesterday the State Prosecutor’s Office reported that the man who was arrested for trying to bribe agency personnel during one of the searches carried out around the investigations, was linked to a process for the crime of bribery and will have to spend eight months in preventive detention and four more months to close the investigations.


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