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Argentine president wants an agreement "as fast as possible" with the IMF

The president of Argentina, Alberto Fernández, acknowledged his “optimism” after the meeting in Rome this Friday with Kristalina Georgieva, director of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), with whom he hopes to reach an agreement “as quickly as possible” to renegotiate the debt with that body.

“I think it was a very constructive meeting, it is the first time that I can see it face to face. A very frank meeting, where we expressed our will to solve the Argentine debt problem,” the Argentine president assured the press at the end of the meeting. held at the hotel where the presidential entourage is staying.

“As I always say, a solution must be found that does not mean postponing the Argentine people, who are still having a very bad time in the pandemic, and an economy that we inherited that is difficult to organize,” he stressed.

“The vocation is to find an agreement as quickly as possible, but in the terms I speak,” he said, referring to “reducing surcharges, extending deadlines, and understanding that there is a singularity in the world, and that we cannot think about an agreement that requires greater efforts from the Argentine people, “he explained.

Argentina must repay in the next three years almost all of the almost 45,000 million dollars that the IMF lent to the previous liberal right-wing government of Mauricio Macri (2015-2019) to avoid in 2018 a financial collapse and a default of the main bonds state in dollars.

It must also face a $ 2.4 billion maturity this year with the Paris Club.

“I am optimistic, I never lose optimism, and I also have the will to do it, and the determination to do it in the conditions in which we live,” he said.

Fernández acknowledged that the director of the IMF is very aware of the situation that the world and Latin America are currently experiencing, hard hit by the economic and health crisis.

The Peronist president, who returns to his country this Friday, concluded a tour to Portugal, Spain, France and Italy, during which he obtained the support of the leaders of those four countries for his negotiations with the IMF in order to eliminate o reduce the interest surcharges applied by the credit institution.

“Next week I have to speak with (German Chancellor Angela) Merkel and the European stage is already covered,” he concluded.

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