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Argentina Stock Market Starts Down Affected by External Trend, Volume Cut

BUENOS AIRES, Apr 9 (Reuters) – Argentina’s stock market fell on Friday on a greater aversion to global risk due to an increase in the yield of US Treasuries, amid doubts about the local economic future.

The S&P Merval index of Buenos Aires lost 0.55%, to 49,358.26 units, at 11:10 local time (1410 GMT), after falling 1% in the previous session.

Argentina is mired in a recessionary economy, with high inflation, slow negotiations with the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and new restrictions given a re-outbreak of coronavirus.

“The concerns that the economy would face as a result of the renewed sanitary restrictions are weighing,” said Gustavo Ber, an economist at the consulting firm Estudio Ber.

(Report by Walter Bianchi ,; Edited by Jorge Otaola)

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