This Saturday afternoon, the Presidential Medical Unit of Argentina confirmed that Alberto Fernández tested positive for Covid-19 in the PCR test, for which the diagnosis made hours before was confirmed, after undergoing an antigen test for coronavirus.

“On Friday, April 2 of this year, the President of the Nation, Dr. Alberto Ángel Fernández, after having presented a temperature record of 37.3 ° Celsius and headache, an antigen determination test for Covid-19 was carried out. being positive, “says the statement, signed by Dr. Federico Saavedra.

He adds that “in view of this situation, measures were taken to Mandatory isolation for the first president and all close contacts of the same in the 48 hours prior to the onset of symptoms, as well as a PCR swab was carried out in order to confirm or rule out the disease ”.

Regarding the state of health of the president, Saavedra pointed out that “I have evaluated the President, who is stable, asymptomatic, with parameters within normal ranges”.

Finally, the doctor stressed that “the diagnosis of Covid-19 infection is confirmed by receiving a positive PCR, making it clear that the clinical picture is mild due in large part to the protective effect of the vaccine received”. This, in reference to the Sputnik V vaccine that the Argentine president received on January 21.

It should be noted that this Friday Fernández turned 62 years old In the framework of its celebration, he began to have the symptoms described above, for which the antigen test was performed and later the PCR, known in the neighboring country as “swabbing”.

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