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Argentina auctions Treasury bills for the equivalent of about 1,168 million $: Ministry of Economy

BUENOS AIRES, Apr 28 (Reuters) – Argentina on Wednesday placed Treasury bills for 109,174 million pesos in nominal value (about 1,168 million dollars), reported the Ministry of Economy, which uses the tender to finance obligations and thus avoid, go to the central bank (BCRA).

The operation included the titles called ‘Ledes’, ‘Lepase’ and ‘Lecer’, all reopening of subscriptions.

With letters ‘Ledes’ (-S30J1-) in pesos at a discount it captured 23,769 million, and another 22,719 million pesos were taken in letters ‘Lepase’ (-SJ301-) at a variable rate plus 2.75%, both amortizable on 30 June to come.

It also subscribed other ‘Ledes’ (-S29O1-) for 12,628 million pesos maturing on October 29, and on the same date it captured 16,079 million in ‘Lepase’ (-SO291-).

With letters ‘Lecer’ (-X18A2-) adjusted for inflation (CER) at a discount, 33,979 million pesos were subscribed, maturing on April 18, 2022.

The official statement added that there were 809 offers, for an effective value of 107,674 million pesos.

“The accumulated debt maturities for April totaled about 210,428 million pesos. It should be noted that, at the end of the three tenders of the month, the Treasury obtained accumulated positive net financing close to 58,250 million pesos,” the report said.

– Exchange rate: 1 dollar = 93.44 pesos

(Reporting by Jorge Iorio; Written by Jorge Otaola; Edited by Eliana Raszewski)

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